Kuripe&Tepi Transformer 2in1!

A transformer blowpipe shaped as a cube with cut corners. It’s a hybrid of a Kuripi and a Tipi, so you can serve Rapé to yourself or a friend. Designed and made by the Ayaho House shaman workshop, located in Bali.

Made of elite sandal wood. Its magical properties have been used since the ancient times to gain spirituality, calm the nervous system and protect from entities. Objects made of sandal wood protect their owner from envious envyers and enemies, help to develop intuition and find solutions to a difficult situation.

This blowpipe is decorated with a cotton thread, turquoise and a tiger eye stone.

The tiger eye stone develops awareness, discernment, helps to make important decisions and boosts your solar dynamic energy.

Turquoise protects and helps in healing.

We believe that such factors as an elite sort of wood and natural stones can amplify your intent in your Rapé ceremony and make it truly magical.

As an additional convenience - the wooden plugs are meant to protect the pipe from insects crawling inside and other blockages.

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