An atmospheric item for those of you who love things with a spirit of their own, with magic and particular energy about them. Things that you want to touch, feel, connect with and to create the brightest moments.

▫️The bottle holds 0,5 gr. of Rapé.

▫️Made of pure silver. Entirely handcrafted, every curve of the ornament was made by the artisan.

▫️The ornament of the bottle resembles the ancient solar symbols of the sun and the Kolovrat, which stands for the repeating cycles of life.

May this pendant be your favourite ornament and a path connecting you to the ancient shamanic magic of Rapé.

Designed by Ayaho, the shamanic workshop on Bali. Every product of our shop is unique and filled with the magic of the island, energy of natural materials and the warmth of the craftsmans’ hands. We believe that these silver pendant-bottle will be not only a decoration for you, but also a good protective talisman."

Weight with chain 0.32 oz

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