Palo Santo Sticks

Brought straight from Peru!

Palo Santo means “the sacred tree” in Spanish. Its fragrance protects from negative energy, astral attacks and gives a peaceful and blissful state. Palo Santo clears the human energetic centres, the biofield, uplifts the vibrations and purifies the space.

Besides, it is rich in essential oils, including guaiac oil, used in perfumery and cosmetology. No wonder it is used to smudge!

The Palo Santo smoke smells like rose and citruses. Its flower tinges together with the smell of smoke relieve anxiety and act like an aphrodisiac.

The calming effect of its smoke was noticed in South America - the Inсas used it to clear negative energy and becalm patients. Nowadays it is also popular amongst yogis, who use it for meditation.

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