Kuripi – an amulet for a self-served rapé ceremony. Completely handmade. It is designed by the «Ayaho House», a shamanic workshop on Bali. Can be used both for rapé and as a protective amulet. This kuripi is made a root of the sacred Banyan tree. The tree itself was not cut down. The blowpipe is decorated with a peacock feather, a protective shapibo ornament on bronze, lava stones from the sacred Agung volcano, tiger eye stone and a rudraksha seed, also known as “Shiva’s Tear”.

We support the idea of a completely sustainable and conscious manufacturing. Shamanic ceremonies and rituals serve to broaden the consciousness, clean the mind to help people tune into their power and to find their true path. This is why we aim to pass this magic and power of shamanic knowledge in every product, in every detail. As the ancient shamans that asked the plant and mineral spirits to protect their tribe, we use only the best kinds of wood and other materials to make your rapé ceremony truly magical and so that your intentions will manifest into reality.

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