Kuripe Rose Wood

Kuripe blowpipe for a self-served Rapé ceremony, designed and made by the Ayaho House shaman workshop, located in Bali. We used elite rose wood to make this piece - a solid and fragrant material. There are quite a few legends about it, and it is used to make musical instruments and gift articles.

▫️Decorated with bronze, turquoise, a rudraksha seed and a peacock feather.

▫️The peacock feather in some cultures symbolizes the «eye of the heart», the inner vision.

▫️Rudraksha is a seed also known as «Shiva’s tear». It is considered to be the gift of Lord Shiva and is used to make malas and other sacred artefacts.

▫️Turquoise protects and helps in healing.

We believe that such factors as an elite sort of wood and natural stones can amplify your intent in your Rapé ceremony and make it truly magical.

The decoration is attached with a spring hook, so you can easily replace or dismount it.

We support the idea of a completely sustainable and conscious manufacturing. Every detail is made without haste and manually, because our manufacturing is first of all poetry rather than business, seeing that the shamanic rituals aim to expand consciousness, purify the mind and help people regain their true power. This is why we use only elite sorts of wood and natural stones to convey the ancient magic of shamanic knowledge in each product.

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