Kuripe "Double shot" №2

This "Double Shot" Kuripi applicator is made to serve both of your nostrils simultaneously when doing the Rapé ceremony on your own. Designed and made by the Ayaho House shaman workshop, located in Bali. We used the best Tamarind wood, imported from Java, to make this Kuripi.

Tamarind wood, tiger eye stone, black onyx, bronze, cotton thread.

- This Rapé self applicator is decorated with a handmade protective Shapibo ornament and can be placed standing.

- Designed to serve the ritual herbs of Rapé snuff into both nostrils simultaneously, thus activating both hemispheres at once and amplifying the effect. If needed, you can use it to serve into one nostril as well.

- The tiger eye develops consciousness, discernment, helps in making important decisions and gives its owner dynamic solar energy.

- Black onyx protects, brings inspiration and harmonizes the aura.

Every detail is made without haste and manually, because our manufacturing is first of all poetry rather than business. We support the idea of a completely sustainable and conscious manufacturing. The shamanic healing rituals aim to expand consciousness, purify the mind and help people regain their true power and to manifest their intentions. This is why we use only elite sorts of wood and other materials to convey the ancient magic of shamanic knowledge in each product.

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