Kuripe Red Wood

Kuripe pipe for self-rapé ceremony. Designed and developed in the shaman workshop "House of Ayakho" in Bali. For this beautiful kuripi, we use an elite mahogany.

▫️ The pipe is adorned with decorations made of bronze, ruby zoisite, volcanic lava stones and peacock feathers.

In some cultures, the peacock's "eye" is associated with the "eye of the heart" and, accordingly, with inner vision.

The ruby zoisite stone activates the crown chakra, creates an altered state of consciousness and facilitates access to the soul's memory and spiritual knowledge.

Since shamanic rituals are designed to purify the mind and expand consciousness, we believe that factors such as the type of wood and the quality of the decorative materials will enhance your intention during the rapé ceremony and create real magic.

▫️The removable decor is attached with a carabiner so you can change or remove it if necessary.

? We source sustainable materials for production. We craft every detail without haste and by hand: the creative process for us is not a business, but poetry. We use only elite woods and natural stones to embody the ancient magic of shamanic knowledge in each product.

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