Kuripe Palo Santo Wood

A unique sacred Palo Santo wood blowpipe is made to be a piece of ancient shamanic wisdom in your Rapé ceremony.

▫️ Palo Santo cleans the space from negative energy, attracts luck, inspiration and love. A perfect tool for stress relief and meditation.

▫️Kuripe blowpipe for a self-served Rapé ceremony, designed and made by the Ayaho House shaman workshop, located in Bali. Entirely handmade.

▫️The pipe is decorated with cotton thread, bronze, a rudraksha seed and ruby zoisite.

• Rudraksha is a tree’s seed also known as «Shiva’s tear». It is considered to be the gift of Lord Shiva and is used to make malas and other sacred artefacts.

• The ruby zoisite stone activates the crown chakra, alters the state of consciousness and facilitates access to the soul’s memory and spiritual knowledge.

▫️ The decoration is attached with a spring hook, so you can easily replace or dismount it.

We believe that such factors as an elite sort of wood and natural stones can amplify your intent in your Rapé ceremony and make it truly magical and beautiful.

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