The power of the elite sort of wood is multiplied by the protective symbology of the totem animal. This blowpipe is designed to be not only a handy instrument for your Rapé ceremony, but also a tool for inner growth, rising your awareness and to protect you on your path.

This kuripe pipe has a carving of an eagle - he is a totem in shamanism, a wise teacher and guide. The eagle can fly above any other bird, that’s why he is seen as the messanger of the Higher Powers, a symbol of freedom and creative inspiration. This totem helps to open up the gift of foreseeing and facilitates access to supreme spiritual knowledge.

This totem Kuripe is entirely handmade. Each detail of the wooden eagle is carved manually.

We used elite Rose Wood to make this Kuripe. There are quite a lot of legends about this tree and its solid, fragrant wood is used to make musical instruments and valuable gift items.

We believe that the elite sort of wood and the totem’s power and wisdom can amplify your intent in the Rapé ceremony and fill it with genuine magic and beauty."

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