Kuripe mini for Rapé ceremony

A unique Kuripe pipe, made of the sacred caapi vine to be a piece of ancient shamanic wisdom in your Rapé ceremony.

▫️ The main part is made from the caapi vine. It is the vine of wisdom, life and death, a plant of power and a teacher-plant. The blowpipes are made of coconut wood.

▫️Kuripe blowpipe for a self-served Rapé ceremony, designed and made by the Ayaho House shaman workshop, located in Bali. Entirely handmade.

▫️The pipe is decorated with cotton thread, a lava and a tiger eye stones.

• The tiger eye develops consciousness, discernment, helps in making important decisions and gives its owner dynamic solar energy.

• Lava stones from the sacred Mt. Agung volcano on Bali symbolize the everlasting flow of life and connection with the four elements.

▫️ The decoration is attached with a spring hook, so you can easily replace or dismount it.

We support the idea of sustainable and conscious manufacturing. Every detail is made without haste and manually, because our manufacturing is first of all poetry rather than business. As the shaman rituals aim to purify the mind and expand human consciousness, we aim to convey the ancient power and magic of shamanic knowledge in every product, in every detail. We believe that such factors as elite sorts of wood and natural decorative materials can amplify your intent in the Rapé ceremony and fill it with ancient shamanic wisdom magic and beauty.

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