Kuripe "Double shot" №3

The unique double shot kuripe pipe with two nostrils is a piece of ancient shamanic magic in your rapé ceremony! The tubes for the nose and mouth of this kuripi are made from quality coconut wood, and its main part is made from the sacred caapi vine. Caapi is a vine of life and death, a vine of wisdom, as well as a plant of strength and a plant-teacher.

▫️Kuripe is meant for a self-directed rapé ceremony on two nostrils at the same time. This activates two hemispheres of the brain at once and enhances the effect. However, if you wish, you can use the tube for one nostril as well.

▫️Completely handmade. Author's development of the shaman workshop "House of Ayakho" in Bali.

▫️ The tube is equipped with a removable decoration made of agar, rudraksha, black onyx and a protective shipibo pattern engraved in bronze. The shipibo pattern protects and clears the human energy field from imbalance. The feather is made of the highly prized agar wood and is a symbol of the connection between the worlds. Black onyx protects, brings inspiration and harmonizes the aura. And the rudraksha is the bone of a tree called "Shiva's Tears". Rudraksha is considered a gift from the god Shiva and is used to make rosary and other sacred items.

▫️The removable decor is attached with a carabiner so you can change it or remove it if necessary.

We craft every detail slowly by hand; for us this process is not a business, but poetry. We stand for sustainable and sustainable production. Shamanic ceremonies and rituals are designed to expand consciousness, purify the mind, help a person find strength and realize their intention. For this reason we use only elite varieties of trees and other materials to embody the magic of shamanic knowledge in each product.

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