Pendant “Lunar Nature”

Elvic, gentle, delicate. The light, lunar nature of silver perfectly matches the mother-of-pearl’s play of colours.

This is an inspirational pendant, a vague suggestion. It will complement both a daily look and an evening dress. It will add elegance to your style, make it glimmering as the moon, mysterious and alluring.

The seashell is a symbol of the feminine nature, intuition and the element of Water. Thus it amplifies your connection with your feelings, with your feminine energy, instincts and intuition.

The leaf represents deep connection with nature, understanding of its cycles. As an amulet the leaf carries the meaning of transformation and a new stage of life, of blooming and spring.

The silver conus elements of the pendant are entirely handmade, not stamp-production; every curve of the ornament was made by the hands of our craftsman unhastingly and with love.
Made of a seashell and silver, silver chain

Looks delicate and gentle"

Designed by Ayaho, the shamanic workshop on Bali. Every product of our shop is unique and filled with the magic of the island, energy of natural materials and the warmth of the craftsmans’ hands. We believe that these handmade pendant will be not only a decoration for you, but also a good protective talisman.

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