Altar carpet

A carpet to beautify your altar with a Shapibo ornament

Handmade altar carpet “Shapibo” Embroidered by hand with a Shapibo tribe ornament.

The ancient ornaments of the Shapibo Indians protect, clear and balance the energetic field of a human. The tribal people also call them Ayahuasca ornaments. The shamans of the Shapibo-Konibo tribes know that these are the ornaments visioned in an ayahuasca ceremony. They serve as a visual tuning fork to tune one’s energy to receive information from subtle planes of reality through the channel of an individual ornament.

The Indians have a key that opens the gates to the meaning of these ornaments, and the shaman keeps it. This key is passed down from generation to generation, from one shaman to another. The secret of the “Shapibo Code” is thoroughly guarded by the protector spirits of the tribe. The fabric is dyed with natural colourants from tree bark and leaves and clay.

Each ornament hides an Ikaras song - a shaman’s song of power, each has its unique meaning. Just gaze at it and follow the response that you feel inside. This maybe be the item you will have on your altar to protect your family hearth.

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